Four Reasons to Hire A Recovery Professional

Sometimes you may need to hire a substance abuse recovery professional to help you navigate finding the most effective treatment. Did you know that you can hire a sober escort to transport your loved one to treatment? Sometimes when our loved ones are in the midst of their addiction, you may not know how to … Read more

5 Things a Professional Interventionist Can Do

There are many different models of intervention that can be used. Every professional interventionist can approach it differently. In addition, we have put together five things a professional interventionist can do prior to an intervention to have the process go smoothly. 1. Assess the Situation From the time of the first call, the interventionist should … Read more

It Begins With Family

I remember when I got the telephone call that my husband would be coming home late… again. I remember the lies of WHY he would be coming home late. I knew in that moment that he wasn’t doing well, however, I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to have to go through this “talk” again. Countless … Read more

From a Mother’s Perspective

I knew from my own previous addictions that no matter how much you love your family member, daughter, son, mom, or dad, “you cannot love an alcoholic sober and/or a drug addict clean,” but you can enable them to jail, an overdose, or worse… to the grave.  I thought if I loved my daughter enough … Read more