Family Workshops

Workshops to Help You and Your Family Heal From Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Boyce Family Recovery Services is qualified to lead workshops that will transform how your family approaches drug addiction, alcoholism, mental health, and trauma in the family system. 

Why is Your Kiddo Having Trouble Staying Sober with Traditional Drug Treatment?

Addiction and alcoholism are common in today’s society.

Without proper treatment and care, it is difficult for your child to overcome addiction.

The entire family suffers and can escalate a kiddo’s addiction.



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Our Workshops Help Your Family Heal

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions Family Workshops are specifically designed for families who have young adults and adolescents who are struggling with addiction or alcoholism. 

We’ve taken what we have learned over the last ten years and applied our learnings to our workshops. 

We are certified recovery specialists. 

We collaborate with several organizations to provide additional support for families and loved ones in need of more intensive assistance.



Who are our Family Workshops for?

This program is for families with adolescents and young adults who are struggling with addiction, alcohol, mental health and personality disorders, and trauma. Our workshops help families better understand the best way to help their kiddos. This workshop can help your family and its kiddos:

♦ are isolating and disconnecting from the world around them.
♦ have changed their surroundings and the people they hang out with.
♦  are starting to break rules and cannot stay out of trouble. 
♦ are using drugs or drinking alcohol. Cannot control the amount that they take.
♦ families struggling to get along and connect with their children. 


What’s Different about Boyce Family Recovery Solutions?

Henri and Erica Boyce are both sober and one of the only services that provide workshops for families who have adolescent or young adult children. Boyce Family Recovery uses intervention techniques and provides practical, everyday suggestions to help your family heal and grow from the turmoil of addiction. 

  • Our workshops offer a deepening of knowledge about addiction and how it affects your family. 
  • Practical knowledge to combat and begin healing.
  • A path forward to heal the wounds of addiction. 


Boyce Family Recovery Services

If your family struggles with addiction, alcoholism, or mental health, our workshops can help you:

Understand how to treat your addiction or alcoholism.
♦ Begin a treatment process for mental health disorders.
Get therapy that changes how you respond to addiction from experts.

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