Interventions that Bring Your Family Together

Substance abuse intervention can transform a fractured family into a family that is united against addiction. When family members can become a united front with the help of a family drug interventionist, your loved one’s chances of getting help will skyrocket.

It can take a family a long time to heal and it can be difficult to navigate life after treatment. Professional interventionist services can give you a robust substance abuse treatment plan.

But it all starts with intervention.

Why Boyce Recovery Substance Abuse Interventions are Different

  • We help the family stick to their boundaries throughout the intervention. We create a united front.
  • Transport to treatment center and confirming they enter treatment is included.
  • You have an entire team working on your case and building a plan to help your loved one.
  • Three months of follow up — weekly calls, walk through what it’s like going through treatment.
  • We are gender specific; if you have a daughter who needs an intervention, our female specialist will take the lead of your case. If you don’t know how to deal with an alcoholic son, we have male intervention specialists who will take the lead on your case.


Staging an Intervention

During the pre-screening assessment, we determine what kind of care is needed for the client and whether or not an intervention is necessary.

If an intervention is needed then we develop a treatment plan.

Based on the information that we are given from family and friends, we then create a tailored treatment program and model for your loved one. We start with an assessment first with the family to gather all the details to create the Genogram.

If an intervention is needed then we develop a treatment plan for the loved one. Based on the information that we are given, we then create a model very specific to the client.

We have at least seven different intervention models that we can use to help intervene on your loved one who is struggling:

  • Crisis Model
  • Tough Love Model
  • Confrontational Model
  • Johnson Model
  • The “Love First Approach” Model
  • The “Systematic Family” Model
  • ARISE Model

We work together with the family, as a united front, to get the addicted individual the help they need and to get them down the road to recovery.

We have three simple steps to make a treatment plan for your loved one.

  1. Jump on a call with our experts to determine if an intervention is needed. This is a no-obligation pre-screening call.
  2. After you learn more about interventions, we learn more about your loved one to determine the best treatment options and the best way to intervene.
  3. Once our research is finished, we create a united front with your family so your loved one has a better chance of becoming sober, and we present our plan for intervention.