Boyce Family Recovery

Recovery Coaching for Families, Adolescents and Young Adults

Get your family help with interventions, family recovery programs, and coaching

Is your family struggling?

The cycle of addiction is so powerful it makes us unhealthy. The addict’s or alcoholic’s sickness spreads to the rest of the family. You might need help if:
  • You’re at a loss and don’t understand why your family member — husband, wife, mom, dad or child  — still use.
  • Nothing seems to solve their alcohol and addiction.
  • Your family has scars and needs to heal.
  • You can’t seem to be able to get out of the addictive cycle.

Boyce Family Recovery

Here’s How We Helped Others in the Sober Community:

Henri Boyce and Erica Boyce have been a huge part of my own personal journey in recovery, they have been like a family to me. They have shown me nothing but love and encouragement since the time I was brand new in recovery all the way until today as a man who is in his 5th year sober. —Adam

Erica and Henri have played a huge part in me getting my life back from the grasp of addiction. They are the most kind hearted and giving people I know. Both of them have advocated for me and taught me so much. I have been shown a new freedom and a new happiness due to the compassion and dedication BFR. I have learned so much about myself and life due to them. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of escaping addiction. —Brooke

Erica is a kind and heartwarming individual. Her and Henry’s approach to treatment is unique to each individual and ensures that each person is getting the exact kind of treatment scaled to their needs. Erica and Henry are dedicated to making sure patients and their families heal together through God and AA. —Molli

We help the alcoholic or addict who still suffers and the family members suffering with them.

We’re interventionists in North Texas. Our services include interventions and programs to support the family grow and heal. We also offer safe passage and sober companionship.

Navigating Your Loved One’s Addiction

After our initial prescreening for a professional intervention, we will develop a family treatment plan for alcoholism or drug addiction. Addiction affects all, and you need a solution to heal. Our goal is to navigate you through the different challenges ahead.

Understanding of What Feeds into Addiction

Family members are affected by the cycles of addiction. It’s painful to watch your loved one go through perilous consequences. It’s baffling to see their heavy remorse quickly fade and begin using again. Arming your family with the right knowledge helps you combat addiction and helps lead your loved one to recovery.

Supporting You with Family Coaching

We walk alongside each of the family members to help them gain understanding and direction with their loved ones that are struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. We understand that the family may be uncertain of what is best to do. Therefore, it’s best to consult with a professional that will be able to guide and direct them.

We Help Families Just Like Yours Break the Cycle of Addiction

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions is an interventionist program in the Dallas, Texas area with a narrowed focus on helping the entire family recover from addiction and alcoholism. We are affordable, professional and have the goal of helping families fight and win over addiction.

We are certified recovery specialists. We have struggled with the same issues that you are facing and we are on the continuous journey to help our family heal from addiction. We want to help you heal, too.

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