Family Case Management

Help for Families of Addicts and Alcoholics

If you have a loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol, we both know that they are suffering. We also know from experience that you and your family unit are suffering, too.

Addiction is like a tornado roaring through your life, and sometimes you can find yourself unprepared to handle a loved one’s addiction.

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions offers your family a roadmap, knowledge and support on how to deal with a family member addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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What are Family Recovery Solutions?

It starts with family…

Henri and Erica Boyce believe this is a family disease and are here to help restructure families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and addiction.

Boyce Family Recovery Services will assess each family situation and uniquely design an appropriate coaching program for each family member.

Most families are not equipped to fully understand the damage substance abuse inflicts. Alcoholism and drug addiction completely change the family dynamic, causing members to play roles they were never intended to play.

What will a Family Coach Do?

This typically will include several “face-to-face” meetings and phone conferences to help the family find the right resources to help them. Each situation is different, so we will assess the situation and then talk with the family to better understand the family’s dynamic. After assessing the situation, we will then create a plan for the family to help them grow and maintain their direction to a healthy life.

We walk alongside each of the family members to help them gain understanding and direction with their loved ones that are struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. We understand that the family may be uncertain of what is best to do. Therefore, it’s best to consult with a professional that will be able to guide and direct them after their situation is assessed.

Are There Additional Resources for Families?

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions offers a FREE family support group virtually on Zoom every Monday evening from 6:00 p.m. C.S.T. to 7:00 p.m. C.S.T. Please email for zoom information!