Four Reasons to Hire A Recovery Professional

Sometimes you may need to hire a substance abuse recovery professional to help you navigate finding the most effective treatment. Did you know that you can hire a sober escort to transport your loved one to treatment? Sometimes when our loved ones are in the midst of their addiction, you may not know how to help them. It’s best to reach out to a professional that specializes in substance use disorder. Here are four reasons why you may need a professional to take your loved one to treatment:

1. Recovery professionals will have resources.

If you hire a substance use disorder professional, they will have knowledgeable resources for you to utilize to get your loved one into treatment. There are many times that we, at Boyce Family Recovery Solutions, get telephone calls from families that have no idea and no direction in finding their loved one treatment. Every family is different, therefore, it is important that recovery professionals help families look for treatment that’ll be the right fit for the person who is struggling with substance use disorder.

2. Recovery professionals will know who to talk to.

As a recovery professional, we build relationships with others within the treatment industry. By building these relationships, the recovery professional is able to connect you with the right people to talk about the facility. Learning about a facility prior to sending your loved one there is very important. We usually provide our families with three different facilities to research. We encourage the family to call and speak directly with the admissions of the treatment facility to find out more information about each individual program. Each dynamic will be different; so, directing the family to the facilities that will be best for the client plays a big part in success for long-term recovery.

3. Recovery professionals will know how to get your loved one to treatment.

Depending on whether or not your loved one is willing to go to treatment will determine the process of how the sober transporter will get your loved one safely to treatment. Sometimes you will need a companion to fly across country to get them into treatment safely. Other times you may have to have a companion drive them in a vehicle. Whichever way they are transported to treatment, it’s important that the sober escort be certified in CPR and First Aid. This is important because your loved one may start to detox from the alcohol and/or drugs.

4. Not hiring a recovery professional to take your loved one to treatment can cause major problems.

If you decide to send your loved one on a plane by themselves, they can order drinks on the plane or at the airport and never make it to treatment. It’s important to have a companion with your loved one the whole trip until they are checked in to treatment. By hiring a recovery professional, you will find that you don’t have to figure out a way to bribe your loved one to go to treatment. As recovery professionals, having proper training on how to deal with families and those that are addicted to substances is very important.

So before you decide to take your loved one to treatment, it’s okay to ask someone who has been trained for help. It’s definitely worth your time to search out the right treatment team to serve you. It’s better to be equipped with the proper resources and build a team to help you pave the way to a new life.