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Henri Boyce, PRS, CAI-I, CRS & Erica Boyce, PRS, CAI-I, CRS


Henri and Erica Boyce are nationally and state Certified Recovery Specialists and Interventionists. They have been trained through Spectrum Recovery as a Peer Recovery Support Specialists and have gone through training with the International Recovery Institute as a Certified Recovery Specialists. They have been trained in the A.R.I.S.E model Intervention with Dr. Judith Landau and have been trained in the LOVE FIRST model of Intervention. They have completed training through the Addictions Academy as Level I & II Recovery Specialists. Along with their certifications as a Recovery Specialists they are CPR Certified with Red Cross.

They both play an integral role in Boyce Family Recovery Solutions and both work closely with the families and person of concern who is struggling. The beautiful dynamic these two have when it comes to working closely with their clients is to not only help these families gain knowledge of how to help their loved one, but also be able to show compassion and understanding to the families that are suffering too. 

They have experience with helping others who suffer from alcoholism and addiction. They can walk alongside the person who is struggling and teach them life skills. They have the knowledge and ability to show loved ones how to become functioning members of society. Henri and Erica Boyce have the right resources to guide an individual on a path that they need to start their life over and be successful.


Josh Jordan

Throughout his time in sober living environments and related facilities, Josh gathered and observed experiences and principles that not only aid him in his daily journey but also instilled in him a passion to share what he has found with other men. The several years he has been in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction have been full of sometimes painful learning experiences. Many of these shaped him into the man he is today and continue to guide his daily life as a recovered man.

Josh is involved with volunteer work within the recovery community constantly. He enjoys the time he gets to spend in service for others. His hope is that through the formation of the community he envisions, other young men can come to know how to stand on their feet by helping each other up and becoming recovered, principled men.