They are trusted servants...

You will be in great hands with these two. I have known them for years and have seen them walk alongside and sacrifice for countless men and women. Erica is a powerhouse in the accountability and integrity department and Henri emits an impeccable amount of honesty and willingness. Together, they will save lives through their experience, strength and hope. I would recommend them to anyone-hands down. They are trusted servants who will fight for you when you cannot fight for yourself.


An angel fell upon me...

My son's journey has not been an easy one. Being a passenger has been almost emotional and almost physically debilitating for our family. Just when I thought the crash into a wall was inevitable... an angel fell upon me. I was talking to a recovery specialist at a rehab who said their place wasn’t a fit for my one-time already rehab son. He said call my friend as you sound like you could use someone to talk to. Me? Well surely you meant my son, but I thought okay. So I called and texted Erica. She didn’t know me from Adam and within a day her and her husband, Henri, were at my front door. Henri’s talk with my son about the 12-step program and their journey was raw and left nothing to the imagination. That is what my son needed to hear. He also needed to hear it from people who had their own journey... although hard at times -successful at the end. My son went to another rehab and flourished - eventually. He then started the 12 steps (even though two years ago he said addiction was a choice and not a disease). Although Erica and Henri are a few of the angels that have fallen on my son and me, his present success is definitely a result of that meeting. They continue to check on my son and me. I’d recommend them anyone and everyone who isn’t afraid to ask. Addiction is an embarrassment to me and my family. I’m thankful for them. 

- A Loving Mother

A dedicated professional...

Henri Boyce is a dedicated professional. I see him in the community working with other men to achieve their goal. The other day, we found a lady face down in the street and Henri stepped in and took charge administered first aid and stayed until the fire department arrived. The Big Book says that you can’t transmit what you don’t have. Henri Boyce has qualities that I endure to emulate I learn something new every time I get to meet with him.

- Recovery Professional