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Interventions with Continuum Care


We have at least seven different intervention models that we can use to help intervene on your loved one who is struggling:

  1. Crisis Model 
  2. Tough Love Model
  3. Confrontational Model
  4. Johnson Model
  5. The "Love First Approach" Model
  6. The "Systematic Family" Model
  7. ARISE Model

We start with an assessment first with the family to gather all the details to create the Genogram. During the pre-screening assessment, we determine what kind of care is needed for the client and whether or not an intervention is necessary. If an intervention is needed then we develop a treatment plan for the loved one. Based on the information that we are given, we then create a model very specific to the client. We work together with the family, as a united front, to get their loved one the help they need and to get them down the road to recovery. If you would like more information concerning these models or any other models we may use, please contact us.


Family Programming


We know that not only the loved one suffers, but the family does too. We offer Family Programming as a service for the family to utilize. This typically will include several "face-to-face" meetings and phone conferences to help the family find the right resources to help them. Each situation is different, so we will assess the situation and then talk with the family to better understand the family's dynamic. After assessing the situation, we will then create a plan for the family to help them grow and maintain their direction to a healthy life.

We walk alongside each of the family members to help them gain understanding and direction with their loved ones that are struggling with alcoholism and/or addiction. We understand that the family may be uncertain of what is best to do. Therefore, it's best to consult with a professional that will be able to guide and direct them after their situation is assessed.

We have partnered with Windhaven House to provide additional support for families and loved ones in need of more intensive assistance.

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Certified Recovery Specialist & Coaches


We provide Recovery Peer Support for your loved one. What we will do is assess the situation and see what level of care is necessary. We have different techniques and plans that we use to help get your loved one back on the successful path. We help set and maintain their direction towards long-term recovery. We are here to walk along side your loved one during treatment and early recovery to help them back into society. The beautiful programming we offer is so they don't have to do it alone and they can have someone to walk along side with them as they get their life back together.

Early recovery can be hard and lonesome for many people who struggle with alcoholism or addiction. We offer a plan and a companionship for those, so they don't have to do it alone and can find a new way of life. Each situation is very different and will be assessed accordingly. Our main focus is for your loved one to enjoy life once more and be a part of the family again.

We have partnered with Arbor Park Sober Living House for Men to help with their coaching program and to add more accountability for their clients.


Monitoring Programs & Sober Companionship


We create specific programs to fit the need of someone who is struggling with learning how to handle life successfully in sobriety. We help teach basic life skills through our accountability programming that is specifically designed through our own assessment given to us by the person who struggles with alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Please contact us below for more information.




Your loved one may be in treatment or may even need to get to treatment. We offer this safe passage service to your loved one as an opportunity to get them where they need to go. Regardless of the location of where they need to be or get to, Boyce Family Recovery Solutions is here to help assist you with this and transport your loved one safely. Henri and Erica Boyce are both CPR Certified through American Red Cross.