Family Programming

It starts with family...

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions is a family owned company that will help the family and loved one, who are trapped in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction. Henri and Erica Boyce will assess each family situation and uniquely design an appropriate coaching program for each family member. Most families are not equipped to fully understand the damage substance abuse inflicts. Alcoholism and drug addiction completely change the family dynamic, causing members to play roles they were never intended to play. Henri and Erica Boyce believe this is a family disease and are here to help restructure families that have been torn apart by alcoholism and addiction.

Boyce Family Recovery Solutions has teamed up with Windhaven House for Women to provide additional support for families and loved ones in need of more intensive assistance. Windhaven House is dedicated to this vision for each individual woman by affording her a nurturing and compassionate transitional sober living community based on honesty, accountability, responsibility, and the principles of the 12 steps. Their team is focused on helping young women build a foundation of sobriety, have a sense of community, teach life skills, to help nurture growth and development in addiction recovery and to ultimately become the women that they were created to be. Windhaven House provides the highest level of care and accountability available for long-term extended care/sober living. They offer a fully immersive and dynamic addiction and dual diagnosis program that seeks to meet each client where they are. 

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The family plays a vital role in alcoholics and/or addicts getting the help they need. Please contact Boyce Family Recovery Solutions for a free consultation now!