7 Signs Your Child May Be Using Drugs

If you think your child is using drugs, it may be harder than you think to confirm your suspicions. Teens undergo many changes that can produce symptoms similar to those associated with drug use. Today’s adolescents are also more prone to psychological conditions that were once more common in adults. Here are some signs that … Read more

Identify and Intervene: Stopping Drug Abuse in Adolescence

Drug Abuse in Adolescence
Substance abuse throughout America is an epidemic that is continually on the rise, year-after-year. While drug abuse is rampant amongst adults, it's also a reality among adolescents. Adolescent substance abuse has dire consequences. The long-term misuse of drugs can have a significant effect on an adolescent's mental development and physical health. It could also lead to serious ... Read more

Four Reasons to Hire A Recovery Professional

Sometimes you may need to hire a substance abuse recovery professional to help you navigate finding the most effective treatment. Did you know that you can hire a sober escort to transport your loved one to treatment? Sometimes when our loved ones are in the midst of their addiction, you may not know how to … Read more

5 Things a Professional Interventionist Can Do

There are many different models of intervention that can be used. Every professional interventionist can approach it differently. In addition, we have put together five things a professional interventionist can do prior to an intervention to have the process go smoothly. 1. Assess the Situation From the time of the first call, the interventionist should … Read more